Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ZOHO does the smart thing, we benefit

So, I read the news toda fro CNet, and it said that Zoho had decided to accept passwords from Google and Yahoo for their logins. That, my friends, was the one thing that had held me back from adopting their service. There's a limit to the number of accounts that any one human being can stand, without collapsing in on himself like a red giant star. To avoid such a fate, I had taken a "pass" on ZOHO. Now, since I can just bop in with the Google account, I can use their service.

ZOHO is a more feature-rich suite than Google Docs--this is a known thing. I've loved Google Docs, and I may well continue to use them, since all I need is to be able to have a non-location-specific word processor. That said, ZOHO has a lot to commend it. It's a slick, AJAX based program with offline capabilities, sharing, blogging, etc. Not bad, for free.

Now that I don't have to create yet another account, it's within my reach. Bravo, ZOHO. You've made the hard, but correct choice.